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The ultimate guide to the best sex toy around you

Long gone are the days of having to go to an adult boutique to buy sex toys — *so* many best sex toy sites exist online!

Not that there’s any shame at all in shopping for things like vibrators, but some of us want a more private shopping experience. That’s why if you ask practically anyone nowadays where to buy sex toys, ‘online’ is the go-to answer. The best sex toy sites deliver your goodies in discreet packaging, too, which is a bonus. So there’s really no good reason not to take the wheel of your own self-pleasure journey, especially in an era where we understand more than ever before about the magical ways in which our bodies work.


“I love it when people come to me asking for recommendations for Cheap adult toys — but they’re often surprised when I don’t have a quick answer for them, because it depends on what you’re wanting out of a sex toy,” said Drysdale, whose MULTI-ORGASMIC course helps her students discover how to get ‘there.’ She says that to really understand what you’d enjoy in a sex toy, ask yourself:

1. What kind of sensation are you looking for? Are you looking for something with more or less intense vibration patterns, for instance, or with or without features like suction and penetration?

2. What kind of material do you want? Does it need to be latex safe or compatible with oil-based lubes?

3. Is this for solo or partnered play? Or both?

4. Does it need to be waterproof, discreet or quiet? Do you want something that plugs into the wall, is rechargeable or takes a battery?

5. How easy is it for you to clean your toys? Do you have a space for you to wash and dry them before and after use, or do you need something that’s compatible with a disinfectant wipe or spray?

6. What’s your budget?


“It’s important to make sure that you’re purchasing your toys from a reputable supplier that has good quality materials that are body safe,” notes Drysdale. She says that silicone makes for the best sex toys, because it’s a body-safe, non-porous, and easy-to-clean material. Beyond that, glass, metal and ABS plastic are great choices. Drysdale recommends avoiding anything else.

Drysdale also suggests trusting online reviews or personal and expert recommendations as opposed to just clever branding. “There’s nothing worse than getting swindled by marketing for a product that doesn’t deliver what is promised,” she said. To further ensure you don’t get swindled, check the return policy and the warranty before clicking ‘complete purchase. “And if you’re like me who constantly loses your chargers, find something with a universal charger so it’s easy to replace if your cord goes missing.”

Choose the right sex doll

1.1 Material selection

Material is an important consideration when choosing a silicone sex doll . Silicone and TPE are two common materials, each with its own advantages. Silicone has a soft texture and is durable, while TPE is more flexible. You can choose the right material based on your personal preference.

1.2 Appearance and size

The appearance and size of your sex doll for sale are also part of the personal choice. Some prefer a realistic appearance, while others may prefer a cartoon style or a specific body type. Make sure the doll you choose matches your preferences to increase satisfaction.

Use and maintenance

2.1 Use of dolls

When using a sex doll, be gentle and avoid using sharp objects or strong force. Make sure to use a water-based lubricant for added comfort.

2.2 Cleaning and Maintenance

It is very important to clean your doll regularly. Use mild soap and water, then dry with a soft towel. Avoid exposing the doll to sunlight or extreme temperatures to prevent damage to the material.

Storage and Privacy

3.1 Storage of dolls

When your mini sex dolls is not in use, store it in a dry, ventilated place. Use special bags or boxes to prevent dust and dirt from adhering.

3.2 Protect privacy

Protecting your privacy is vital. Make sure to handle and store your doll properly to prevent prying eyes or contact with others.

Sex dolls can be a delightful companion, but they require some care and maintenance to ensure you get the most out of them. Choosing the right material and look, gentle use and regular cleaning, and proper storage are all key to ensuring your sex doll stays in tip-top shape. At the same time, please respect the privacy of others to ensure that your choices are not disruptive to others.

Hopefully these tips will help you have a more pleasurable and satisfying sexual experience and get the most out of your custom sex dolls.

Toys can make everything about sex more fun. There’s a lot to look forward to if you’ve never tried them. But if you’re thinking about trying sex toys (or maybe you already have a sizable collection), we suggest talking to your partner(s) first.

If your sex life needs some buzz, a realistic dildo vibrator will definitely bring it. The real trick is figuring out which kind works best for you. It can get confusing because there are so many shapes, sizes, configurations, and price tags. Vibes are mostly designed to get women off — and the word on the street is they work like a charm — but there are guy-oriented models that go safely into the anus to stimulate the prostate.

Dildos can be large or small, hard or squishy, and every color of the rainbow. Some vibrate and include attachments for extra-sexy stimulation. They are designed for penetration, but, of course, it’s not required. Sometimes it feels great to just rub the dildo against certain sensitive body parts.

One thing to keep in mind with dildos is that just like real dicks, they can damage the tender tissues of the anus which can increase the risk of HIV transmission for the receptive partner. Our recommendation: Get the squishy, smooth dildos as they’re less likely to damage your beautiful buns.

To some, best sex toys are unknowns and can creep them out. Others think their fingers, lips, hands, and tongue are all the sex toys they need. Breaking out your sex toys without talking about it first can send some lovers running for the door like they’re suddenly competing in a 100-meter dash. It’s important to never play without asking for permission.

It’s also a good idea to keep them clean so you don’t chance either of you getting an STI or another type of infection. Other than that, there’s not a whole lot to worry about.

But wait, what about HIV?

Can’t sex toys spread HIV?

Simple answer: NO

Then it comes to dressing up your cheap sex doll, it’s not just about choosing any random outfit. The art of dressing your love doll is all about finding that perfect combination of fashion and sensuality that complements your personal taste and desire.

Whether you’re looking to dress your doll in lingerie for a sultry night or seeking a more elegant look for a romantic dinner date, there are countless outfit options to explore.

With so many clothing styles and materials to choose from, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of options. That’s where our guide comes in. We’ll provide you with fashion tips and outfit ideas that will inspire your creativity and help you find the perfect look for your beloved sex doll.

So, get ready to unleash your inner fashionista and create a wardrobe for your sex doll that’s both stylish and seductive.

Dressing Your Sex Doll: Things to Consider

When it comes to dressing your sex doll, there are a few key things to consider ensuring your beauty looks her best and is comfortable during use.

Size – First and foremost, it’s important to select clothing that is the right size for your doll. Measure your doll’s bust, waist, and hips to ensure a perfect fit. Avoid clothing that is too tight or too loose, as this can detract from getting a realistic experience and may even damage your doll. Many manufacturers offer clothes specifically designed for sex dolls, which can be an excellent option for those unsure of how to properly size clothing.

Materials- Keep in mind that some materials, like latex or leather, can be a bit more challenging to put on your doll, so take your time and use plenty of lube to make the process easier. Always opt for materials that are comfortable, easy to clean, and won’t damage the doll’s skin.

Consider style and design– Some people prefer lingerie or revealing outfits, while others may prefer more modest apparel. Whatever your preference, be sure to select clothing that fits your personal tastes and desires, as this will enhance your overall sexual experience with the doll.

Don’t forget to accessorize- Jewelry, stockings, and other accessories can add a touch of realism and give you unforgettable feelings. Just be sure to avoid any accessories that could damage the doll or cause discomfort during use.

Creating a Complete Wardrobe for Your Sex Doll: Must-Have Outfits

Are you ready to dress up your sex doll and take your playtime to the next level? A complete wardrobe is a perfect way to keep things exciting and explore all of your fantasies.

From sexy lingerie to daring costumes, your sex doll is ready to strut her stuff in the hottest outfits. Get ready to dive into the world of doll fashion and discover the must-have outfits for your playtime pleasure. Let’s get started!

Once commonly (and quite unfairly) viewed as something reserved only for the local neighborhood oddball, owning a sex doll has grown in popularity over the last decade and is now considered a healthy, almost normal aspect of adult erotic pastime with everyday people from all walks of life, genders, and age groups getting in on the fun.

The figures speak for themselves, with sex doll sales approaching a staggering 3 billion annually and just under 10% of male Americans having purchased at least one sex doll at some point.

This isn’t something only the guys are enjoying, either. Female Americans are also beginning to appreciate sex dolls in growing numbers, with just over 6% of U.S. females purchasing a silicon companion at some point, according to recent studies. To say the industry is booming would be something of an understatement, but why is this happening, and is the demand expected to grow further?

Recent Growth

Growth was inevitable, really. Sex toys in general – from standard vibrators and dildos to quirky ball gags and whips – used to be something that only highly sexually adventurous people would confess to owing barely a few decades ago. These days, however, keeping a dildo in the bedside drawer is as normal as keeping a small bottle of Tylenol and a glass of water next to the bed.

It was simply a question of time before sex dolls evolved in the same way, becoming accepted as harmless fun and sexually healthy. Now, we are clearly at a turning point as sex doll ownership explodes in vast numbers. Add to that a couple of years of lockdown isolation in which sex doll sales tripled, and what you have left is a booming industry.

But with this boom in sales comes industry change as sex doll manufacturers begin to cater to a far wider range of people buying dolls. Gone are the days when sex dolls all looked pretty much the same – with so many tastes and preferences among the vast numbers of consumers, the manufacturers have had to get creative in design, look, and feel. Just as we all have varying tastes in sexual partners, we also have different tastes in our silicon counterparts.

So how has the sex doll industry evolved in this regard? How are manufacturers adopting a broader palette of consumer desires? In this blog post, we will look at how the industry has evolved from cheap inflatable ‘blow-up’ dolls, each one looking identical to the other, into a mega-industry producing an incredible range of dolls that caters to all tastes.

A More Personalized Path to Pleasure

In the ever-changing sex doll industry, customization has become a powerful tool to satisfy the vast desires of consumers. No longer confined to a small selection of generic and almost comical-looking figures, sex doll manufacturers have unleashed a stunning range of customization options, bringing forth a new era of bespoke experiences that cater to everyone’s unique preferences and fantasies.

Gone are the days when one-size-fits-all was the norm. The sex doll consumer of today is spoilt for choice with a vast array of possibilities. Fancy a voluptuous blonde bombshell with an hourglass figure? Or maybe a petite and slender companion better floats your boat? With manufacturers offering different body types, heights, and shapes, consumers now have the power to sculpt dream partners of all shapes and sizes.

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