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Do people buy sex dolls only for Sex?

Sex dolls used to be considered a shameful purchase, something that only desperate men liked to use and that should be hidden at all times, and only brought out when needed.

These days, the absolute opposite is true.

Sex dolls are no longer silicon balloons with outstretched arms and a terrified expression. Instead, they can look, feel, and even offer companionship that is similar to that of a real human being. And they’re not only for sex!

Sex is Only Part of the Fun

Let’s face it, the clues in the name. Modern day sex-dolls are most definitely for sex, for the large part. And there’s every reason why someone would want to have sex with a gorgeous doll that’s been made with their desired specifications, in every detail.

It’s the height of fantasy, to have created a being that ticks every single box when it comes to the body. Large breasts?

As large as you want.

Blonde hair?

All the colors of the rainbow are available.

Freckles over the nose?

As many as you wish, right down to the exact number.

But there’s much more to it than just the physical. What a sex doll provides is companionship. That can be difficult to comprehend at first, because the doll isn’t alive. But the owner is.

Desire is a Complex Thing

People tend to think that male sexuality is easy to figure out. All they want to do is have sex with something. Anything. But that’s far from the truth. Many men desire intimacy, including cuddling and eye contact. And a sex doll provides both of these.

A sex doll is a companion who never rejects is owner. Today, so many of us are worried about getting intimate with a partner because we’re worried about being rejected, but a realistic sex doll has all of the desirable qualities of the perfect partner, without the fear that the owner isn’t good enough.

That’s not to say that all buyers of sex dolls are men. In fact, more and more women are becoming wise to the benefits of owning such a doll. Whether they prefer to buy a male or female sex doll also depends on personal preference, and the answers may surprise you.

The companionship that comes with a sex doll is one that many don’t understand. But today’s dolls are so lifelike in their facial expressions, clothes, the feel of their skin, and even their more intimate parts.

Everything is Focused on You

asasasA lot of people get a lot of pleasure from pleasuring others. There can be a great deal of satisfaction that can come from hearing a partner moan or tell you that they’re turned on. But there’s also a significant amount of pleasure that comes from having someone make everything about you.

This is what a sex doll can bring. From the feeling of just lying there, holding hands, to the sensation of undressing someone who is only there to serve you. To being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want, to someone who can’t say no, is incredibly empowering.

Sex Dolls Don’t Make Real Relationships Obsolete

There’s no doubt that sex dolls can provide an authentic sensation of companionship and fulfillment, both emotionally and physically. However, they don’t need to serve as a replacement for a real person.

Plenty of people who own sex dolls also have living, breathing partners. For them, time with the doll is a hobby, an indulgence, a release from the stresses of life. True communication in a relationship often involves time with what makes us happy.

Whether it’s a long-term investment that never answers back, or a spicy addition to a healthy sex life, a sex doll is so much more than just something to have sex with.



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