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How To Dispose Of Your Used Sex Doll?

There are several options for how to dispose of sex dolls for the environment. Research them before you decide to just throw a doll in the trash because that is the last and worst option.

Don’t throw it out!

Avoid simply throwing the doll in the dumpster (or god forbid in the river) as you could give someone a shock when they discover a “corpse”. Also, it’s not good for the environment.

Also, reject the idea of burning a doll, which is essentially a large piece of plastic on a metal frame. Burning plastics (even if they are human-shaped) is not environmentally friendly and can harm your health, the environment, and legal retribution.

Have you considered burying a sex doll?

For true romantics, this is the only possible option, but we do not recommend it. You don’t want a nosy neighbor to call the police on you like you’re a serial killer. And this option is not ecological either. And we only have one planet so far.

► Did you know that sex toys are one of the least recycled commodities worldwide?

It is especially worrying for those electronic ones that contain batteries.

The best way to get rid of an erotic doll you no longer need is recycling.


If you want to get rid of the doll quickly contact your local waste management facility (collection yard) and say that you need to dispose of a doll made of metal and plastic (TPE or silicon). You don’t have to say it’s a sex doll right away, do you? You can dismantle the doll for easier transportation. Moreover, unfolded, it does not look so human and “erotic”.

Google it and see if there is a company in your area dealing directly with the recycling of silicone items. You can also get some financial compensation for your doll, plus you get the good feeling that it’s being recycled into new items.

Give it to somebody or sell it

If you have a sex doll that you no longer have room for at home but is still in good condition, you can simply offer it for sale. Believe it or not, there are a significant number of people looking for used sex dolls.

If you want to protect your privacy, create an anonymous profile. Wash, disinfect, dress, and take a nice photo of the doll. Spend a few minutes on a comprehensive description – not only the parameters but you can also attach a story, the advantages of sex dolls, etc.

Do a good deed – donate it

If you are not looking for financial compensation, but want to feel good that the sex doll will be of use to someone else, donate it. Many people do not have the finances to buy this sophisticated erotic device and would very much welcome the opportunity to get it, even if it is used. Or they will appreciate it for many other reasons – for example, as an art object.

Tips for places in the area where your retired sex doll will be appreciated

Dance clubs: Approach the owner of a dance or nightclub and see if they are looking for a realistic doll to liven up the space and entertainment.

Artists: Check out the art scene in your area, and share an offer for the sale of a realistic doll on art-oriented FB pages. Artists often create new things from old ones, and they can breathe a whole new life into your doll, in ways you never dreamed possible.

Photographers: The old doll will be appreciated not only as a dress mannequin but also as a new creative stimulus for new creations. It is enough to approach photographers who are engaged in product photography or freelance work and make them an offer that cannot be refused.

Fashion designers: A sex doll is far more realistic than a fashion mannequin. Any fashion designer and creator will appreciate this. It’s worth a try.


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