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How to take care of your high-end sex doll?

The companionship of a sex doll is invaluable for some sex toys enthusiasts. Others reach for it when they want to spice things up and try something new. Either way, if you have a high-quality sex doll or you are planning to get one, it’s crucial to know what you can and shouldn’t do with this toy.

After all, it’s not a small investment.

You want to make sure your new sex friend will stay with you for many years and all your wild adventures will have a happy ending.

How to take care of your high-end sex doll?
What should you avoid doing? 


Sharing is caring, right?

We learn that in kindergarten, and it is a normal human need to share good things with others. But when it comes to sex toys, it is a good thing to be an egoist.

The most important reason for that is the fact that sharing your sex doll creates the risk of transmitting infections and viruses. Although the risk of cross-infection is relatively low, it’s not zero, so caution is advised.

Allowing Her to Get Dirty

For the same reason, it’s also vital to clean a sex doll regularly. After and before every use and every 30 days. You want to get rid of any harmful pathogens and viruses, as well as dust and any other dirt.

Your sex doll will get less dirty if you store her correctly, meaning in a special bag or her original packaging to separate her from the adverse conditions. Cleaning your doll will help you avoid any damage to the doll’s material and will keep you safe during play.

Using Oil-Based Lubricants

If you have any other sex toys, you probably already know this, but it’s worth repeating. Using oil-based lubricants and products on toys made from silicone or TPE can destroy these materials, so it’s best to stick to water-based lubricants.

Leaving Her in a Sitting Position for Too Long

Another thing that would be on the list of deadly sins for sex dolls is leaving them for too long in a sitting position. Do not ever do that if you want to enjoy your doll for a long time.

Leaving the toy like this can cause irreversible damage to its material, causing curves or cuts and other damages. Preferably your doll should be kept in the vertical or horizontal position when it’s not in use.

Spraying Perfume

Providing the most realistic experience is what sex dolls are all about. And quality toys have no trouble in meeting those expectations. But still, these are toys made from artificial materials, so there are some things that will differentiate them from real women.

Dolls don’t have human skin, which is why perfume containing alcohol is not for them. Alcohol can damage a doll’s skin, especially if applied from a short distance and in high quantities.

Exposing Her to High Temperatures

Of course, to keep your doll safe and in great shape, it’s recommended that you won’t expose it to harmful, extreme conditions, such as high humidity and high temperatures. The best temperature to keep your doll in is room temperature.

So it’s not ideal to store it in unheated rooms like the basement or garage, as well as rooms without AC.


As you can see, there are quite a few things to be cautious about when it comes to owning and using a sex doll.
At the end of the day, it is all about you having the best experience with your toy, whether that concerns the quality of your play or your physical health.

Take care of your beautiful sex doll, and enjoy your amazing sex life freely.



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