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Interview with a Sex Doll Owner

Sex dolls have come a long way. Not so long ago, sex doll owners were mocked and called names. They were considered weirdo’s who couldn’t pick up a real girl, so they had to satisfy their desires with artificial dolls. Even today, many till believe that sex dolls are reserved for perverts and losers.

That stigma is hurtful and, as with most examples of prejudice, totally untrue. Luckily, while there’s still a long way toward total sex doll acceptance, owning a love doll is becoming more socially accepted each day. What is also great is that more and more owners are coming forward, sharing their experiences and explaining how sex dolls changed their lives.

And today, we have an example of such a testimonial. We sat down with one of our most loyal customers (who shall remain nameless) and talked more about his experience with one of our sex dolls, how it changed his life, what they love the most about the doll, and why, after all these years, he still chooses Silicon Wives.

What convinced you to buy a sex doll?

“I didn’t require much convincing. I had always wanted to see what it’s like to have sex with one. However, when I finally decided to go through with my dream and purchase a sex doll, I wasn’t sure where to look. I asked around and browsed a few stores, but they weren’t very, hmm, welcoming, if you know what I mean. Then, my friend said the name Silicon Wives, which brought me to you guys.”

Do you remember your first purchase?

“Of course, you never forget your first. I’ve always been into, so I went for one of your Japanese sex dolls – Lana. It was love at first sight, although she now goes by a different name (laughs).”

How was your shopping experience?

“Everything went so smoothly… almost too smoothly (laughs).
I remember I called you guys with questions regarding customization, and I was blown away by how much help I received. Brian, if I remember correctly, answered every question I had and explained everything very thoroughly. He specifically asked which parts I wanted to customize and told me how much it would cost.

He then said that I could call anytime with further questions and assured me that you would ship the doll in a discreet package and that I should receive it within 6-7 weeks. And guess what. That’s exactly what happened!”

Were you nervous?

“Oh yes. When I got the notification that my payment was processed, my first thought was that I had made a mistake. Once I got the email that you were assembling my order, all that doubt disappeared. I knew I made the right call to choose you. When you sent me the confirmation that she was packed and ready to ship, I couldn’t sleep for the entire week! I was constantly checking the shipment status. I still remember the tracking number (laughs)!”

What was your first impression?

“I remember that the package had no markings or logos on it, so I was first afraid I wouldn’t find the doll inside! I did, and I have to say that it exceeded my expectations. She was perfect and so… realistic. I was close to taking her straight away, but I told myself that the first time with her needed to be perfect.

I bought myself a bottle of wine, lit up a few candles… you know, to set the mood. I then lay her on the bed, and honestly, she looked so real that I was constantly rubbing my eyes. I started to strip her slowly, and then… Well, the rest of the story is very R-rated (laughs). I can only say it was magical!”

Can you tell us more about your overall experience, maintenance, etc.?

“I don’t want to get into too much detail, but I have to say that after two years, I’m still amused at how real it feels to have sex with her. Doggy, missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, the girl can do it all! What’s better, she doesn’t complain and is always willing to try new things, whether it’s spanking or kinky play.

I even convinced my girlfriend to include her in our bedroom shenanigans! She was a bit reluctant initially, but eventually, she agreed, and she now insists we use Lola when having sex. I guess that breaks the stigma that sex dolls are for single losers, right (laughs)?

So yes, sex with her feels very intense and realistic. As for cleaning, I have to say it was a bit tricky at first, especially since I went for a built-in vagina. I was really afraid that I might damage it when cleaning. I even messaged you to ask if you have any cleaning tips, so thanks for the answer; it really helped.”

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