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Mall Sex Dolls

While female sex dolls dominate the market, male sex dolls are rising fast. More and more gay and bisexual men, as well as the women population, are enjoying them.

Many start with watching a male sex doll porn video, and later buy a doll.

Types of male sex dolls

Besides full-size male love dolls, an older, simpler, and cheaper option is an inflatable male sex doll (some with a vibrating penis) and mini-size torsos with a dildo between their legs, known as the male torso sex doll. If you want just to try it, or a full-size male pleasure doll is too big and heavy or too expensive for you, these mini male sex dolls are the right thing.


Who buys male sex dolls?

Some straight men are interested in trying it, going to sex doll brothels and renting in the same session both male and female doll 🙂 So males, females, lesbians, and gay men, they all want to experiment with male real dolls.

But still, the majority of customers are members of the gay and transgender communities. While there are many models, and there is a possibility for infinite customization, one can spot two groups of male real dolls.

The first one has a pubescent, boyband look. You know, handsome, cute boy, maybe even feminine a bit. They tend to be less muscular and more tender body type. Sometimes they have anime/manga look. The other group represents manly man, tough guys, cool bad boy or a manly mature man. Facial and chest hair is present. Dolls are muscular, sometimes extremely muscular and ripped, with sexy pectoral muscles and well-developed abdominal muscles.

One can say the second group is the favorite sex doll for women, but gay sex dolls are not limited to the first group.


Difference between a female and male sex doll

Well, the male dolls don’t have big ass and breasts (except if you explicitly order it), and they have a big dick. But it’s not the only difference.

Female dolls are petite, made to look submissive, easy to dominate. They are prized for soft, smooth skin and jiggly tits and ass. For the start, women prefer tall men, so all male sex robots are taller than the tallest female robot. So, they are heavier too.

Instead of soft and smooth skin, a bit rough male skin is preferred. Chest and facial hair are frequently found. So, when it comes to realistic feeling of touch, for robot male sex dolls silicone is better, while TPE is better for female ones. On the end, on a male solid butt is better than a soft, jiggly one.

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