Most Realistic Lifelike Mini Female Teen Blonde Adult Sex Dolls Love Dolls

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TPE Head +
TPE Head1 +
TPE Head2 +
TPE Head3 +
TPE Head4 +
TPE Head5 +
TPE Head6 +
TPE Head7 +
Default +
White +
Simulation +
Flesh +
Light Wheat1 +
Light Wheat2 +
Wheat +
Option 1 +
Amber +
Black +
Blue1 +
Blue2 +
Brown +
Purple +
Default +
Black +
Pink1 +
Pink2 +
Red +
White +
Default +
solid breasts feel firmer. gel breast feels softer. please this link
Solid Breasts +
Gel Breasts +
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Option 1 +
Option 2 +
Option 3 +
Default +
Option 1 +
Option 2 +
Option 3 +
No Pubic Hair +
Pubic Hair1 +
Pubic Hair2 +
Pubic Hair3 +
Pubic Hair4 +
For those who prefer a better user experience - a “fixed vagina” type will usually feel better. However, for ease of cleaning (hygiene) and maintenance – a “removable vagina” type is better and comes with one insertable vagina as standard.
Fixed Vagina +
Removable Vagina +
Depending on your planned usage and storage, the standing add-on provides reinforced metal feet allowing for a more a stable upright standing position.
Non-standing +
Standing +
No Thanks +
Blue Blood Vessels +
When you touch any of the five points or shake the doll, the doll moans.
No Thanks +
Intelligent Voice System +
No Thanks +
White Camisole +
Pink Uniform +
Pink Pajama +
Green Lace +
For increased privacy, security and luxury while you travel, an upgraded “flight case” offers a conveniently discreet and securely locked storage case.
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Storage Case +
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HEIGHT 100cm 3feet 3.3inch
BUST 60cm 23.6inch
BAND 45cm 17.7inch
WAIST 38cm 15inch
HIPS 62cm 24.4inch
SHOULDER WIDTH 26cm 10.2inch
HAND LENGTH 13cm 5.1inch
ARM LENGTH 44cm 17.3inch
INSIDE LEG LENGTH 42cm 16.53inch
FOOT LENGTH 15cm 5.9inch
VAGINAL DEPTH 12cm-14cm 4.7inch-5.5inch
ANAL DEPTH 14cm 5.5inch
ORAL DEPTH 12cm 4.7inch
NET WEIGHT 13.5kg 29.8 lbs.

Additional information

Bra Size

DDD cup


100cm (3ft 3in)


TPE Sex Dolls

Breast Size


1 review for Most Realistic Lifelike Mini Female Teen Blonde Adult Sex Dolls Love Dolls

  1. Sadiq

    Very nice product.
    I was nervous about buying a doll at first, given how expensive it is, Finally, after weeks of anxious waiting it has arrived! It corresponds exactly to the photographs!

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