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Sex is always exciting in the beginning, especially if you are experiencing it for the first time in your life. For the few couples of years, everything will be good, normal and life will seem full of energetic but slowly your sexual relationship with your partner encounter sexual hiccups which might bring tension to your life. And that is absolutely not good for a happy relationship. And this will majorly raise a question to your manhood’s.  And to again recover your strength the use of celebrity sex doll can again improve your sexual relationship.

Spice up your relationship – Every woman desire that his man plays longer during sex and give her more cum. We as a man can’t deny the fact that sex drive of a woman is more than a man and you don’t need to feel shame on this because all women have this potential by birth. It’s not your fault if you lose your control you can again regain that confidence while playing multiple times with doll. Practice always makes a man perfect and your doll make you perfect macho man. That’s a bet!!

Boost your confidence –  What she will think about you if you early release your cum? These doubts are normal when you lost your stamina for sex. But with sex dolls you can feel pretty confident at it is not her business when you lose. Celebrity sex dolls never give a damn thought about your wildness, in fact, she helps you to regain all your lost strength so that you won’t get nervous in front of your real life partner.

Raise Your Lost Stamina – Science said that with passing age man lost his stamina. If it so, then be ready to disown science especially in sex matter because the presence of realistic doll is the self-answer of all your question. Being look alike realistic doll in physical appearance she gives you more experience to perform more wildly to build up your stamina level when you are showing your hard moves to your partner on bed. Without thinking that what the doll will feel, you can do unlimited sex with her and regain yourself with better performance.

Remove your premature ejaculation problem– Majority of men nowadays are suffering premature ejaculation due to many reasons. There is nothing to blame for these on men. However, men are suffering psychologically because they are afraid that their girls will look down at them. Interestingly for sex dolls, it doesn’t matter for her she will always appreciate you more than anyone else.

Having sex with the same person for many years can become a bit boring but celebrity love dolls can help to make your sexual intercourse more fun, pleasurable and exciting.

With the increasing prevalence of female sex dolls in people’s lives, how to store these sex dolls long-term has become a focal point of concern. Long-term storage not only affects the lifespan of the sex dolls but also directly impacts their appearance and tactile sensation, making maintenance and care particularly crucial.

Firstly, the choice of storage environment is critical. Female sex dolls should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight. Environments that are overly humid or hot may cause the doll’s materials to deform, mold, or discolor, while direct exposure to sunlight may lead to material aging.

Secondly, regular cleaning and maintenance are also necessary. The exterior and internal structure of sex dolls need regular cleaning to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt. For hard-to-clean areas, specialized doll cleaning agents can be used, ensuring not to damage the doll’s surface material. Additionally, regularly checking the doll’s joints and connection points to ensure they are intact is an important step in maintaining the doll’s good condition.


As a result of modern society’s sexual liberation, sex toys are much less taboo. With the veil of illicitness lifted, selling sex toys has become a more mainstream and extremely profitable business. In fact, the global sex toy market is predicted to see nine percent growth between 2019 and 2026, from being valued at 28 million dollars to 52 million dollars. If starting a sex toy business due to the market growth, or for any other reason, interests you, below is a comprehensive overview of how to sell the most intimate of products.

Selling Sex Toys: A Recession-Proof Industry

When people have more money in their pocket, they spend it (on sex toys). When people don’t have the money to go out, they stay home (and use their sex toys). While monetization in some aspects of the adult industry has started to decline, such as porn, businesses selling toys have seen steady growth. This trend is due to increased commercialization, changing perception, and availability to purchase items both in-store and online.

Looking at statistics per state in the U.S., Vermont comes in first place with the number of bedroom items per person being purchased online. The state buys 77.3 percent over the national average. Interestingly enough, the type of items purchased greatly range according to location as well. In the U.S., the most common item bought is a dildo; whereas in the other top-ranking countries, like the U.K., Germany, and Australia, vibrators are most common. Differentiating itself from other countries, the U.S. has penis sleeves and strap-ons as some of its most popular items.

When compared to other adult items, toys and novelty items made up at least 36 percent of purchases. This category falls right behind lingerie with 37 percent, and in front of essentials, such as lubricants and condoms, taking up 10 percent. Niche-oriented products are gaining in popularity and are carving out a place of their own. Along with them, products made especially for non-cisgender and non-binary individuals are becoming more common. A growing acceptance of gender and lifestyle differences in everyday life has allowed this advancement in the bedroom as well.

With all of this growth, people are going to expect certain standards to be met, like any other industry: better prices, higher quality, and more convenience.

Selling Adult Toys Online

If you’re wondering whether to open a retail store or not, understand that no brick-and-mortar store is necessary. You can begin selling adult toys online. By eliminating rent for a commercial space, you significantly reduce startup costs. Additionally, online stores may cater to customers who may be too shy to shop for these products in person.

Another benefit of selling adult toys online is that it circumvents issues you could face if your storefront is deemed unavailable to customers. This could be due to inclement weather, events such as parades or rallies, or health emergencies. Adam and Eve, one of the most well-known, established retailers of sex toys, saw a 30 percent increase in their online sales in March and April 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

Is it legal to sell sex toys online?

Generally, yes, it’s legal to sell sex toys online.

A series of Supreme Court decisions in the 1960s formally legalized sex shops. While the federal government doesn’t have the power to regulate the sale of sex toys, state and local governments may regulate and even ban the sale of these products. Alabama, for example, passed the Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act of 1998, which criminalized the sale of sex toys. Under this law, conviction requires you to register as a sex offender. However, these products are often sold in the state under the guise of them being a novelty or educational item. Other states, including Texas and Georgia, have various laws prohibiting the sale of “obscene” devices. That said, it’s best to familiarize yourself with the state and local laws under which you’re running your business.

Below is a list of various elements that must comply with the legal regulations of selling adult toys.

Product packaging

delivery man delivering the box you should use if you are selling sex toys online

The packaging of an adult toy includes components such as how visible the product itself is, the accompanying imagery, and the descriptive wording. Even in states with no laws against the sale of adult products, there may be regulations regarding the public display of these products. Thus, these products require the proper packaging to comply with said regulations.

In regards to selling sex toys online, it’s common practice that the shipping packaging is discreet and inconspicuous. What draws many people towards shopping for their sex toys online is its privacy. If shipping packaging announces the contents to delivery workers and neighbors, you’ll fail in providing the expected level of privacy. This may cost you a repeat customer.


Some states prohibit marketing sex toys through email or internet media. It’s best to educate yourself on the state and local regulations applicable to your business. The regulations governing email marketing may restrict the age of the receipt, options for opt-out, and many more elements such as the header and/or images used.

Images and videos

If you plan to use images or videos in the marketing of your sex toy business, you should familiarize yourself with laws pertaining to such. To utilize a stock image, you must obtain proper authorization. On the other hand, if you’re creating images and/or videos, you may want to consider following the same guidelines for business in the adult industry, such as pornography or phone sex. These guidelines require you to obtain a government-issued photo ID verifying the age of anyone you employ in the adult industry. You must record and store the verification. In the case of an audit by law enforcement, you may need to produce said verification. Check out our guide on understanding 2257 compliance for more details.

Product naming

A product’s name could potentially jeopardize its legality. For this reason, many merchants name vibrator products “massager” as opposed to “vibrator.” This is a method by which merchants may sell vibrators in locations where the sale of such is banned. If you’re planning on naming a product such as a vibrator a “massager,” it’s best to consult a legal expert. They can guide you on how to best comply with legal guidelines. It’s also important to keep in mind that customers want clear descriptions of what they’re considering purchasing. Manipulating product names and/or descriptions, even to comply with legal restrictions, may rub customers the wrong way.

Design and materials

All adult toys must be made of materials and in designs that meet regulation standards. Given that the nature of these products is that they come in close proximity to or penetrate the body, following safety standards is extremely important. Disregarding these standards may put your customers at great risk of exposure to potentially dangerous materials and/or harm.

woman's hand holding banana - sell adult toys

Recently, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) introduced safety standards for sex toys. ISO 3533 dictates standards for “products in direct contact with the genitalia, the anus, or both.” This marked a shift, as sex toys had previously been largely unregulated. The shift towards regulation highlights the growing popularity, booming market, and dwindling stigma of sex toys.

This cursory overview of the laws surrounding product packaging, marketing, images and videos, product naming, and design and materials is only intended as informational. If you’re interested in how to sell sex toys in a manner that complies with laws, it’s best to seek counsel from a law expert.

How to Start a Sex Toy Business

Due to the popularity of the sex toys mentioned in the books saw a sales increase of 400 percent. In the decade following this phenomenon, these products have become so popular that a recent survey found 65 percent of female consumers own a sex toy. And this boom is unlikely to taper off any time soon with the growing interest in sexual wellness and rise in sextet start-ups.

If these factors, or any others, have you considering launching your own sex toy business, below is a guide touching on the basic elements you’ll have to consider to have success. For more information on launching a business, check out our guide.

Building a Brand

Branding an adult toy business isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. The market caters to customers shopping for products intended to be enjoyed with others, as well as those shopping for products intended for solo enjoyment. Even the “solo” shoppers can fall into different categories, like those purely seeking please, those exploring their limitations, and those healing from traumatic experiences. That said, there are many different potential customer profiles that your branding can seek to target.

Current conversations about sexuality tend to focus on sexual wellness and self-care. There’s also a feminist thread in conversations discussing sexuality from an equality stance. For example, the term “orgasm gap” was coined to describe the disparity between the sexes in orgasms experienced. You might consider these trends when brainstorming your business branding. However, as generations continue to redefine what sex means to them, the branding options continue to change. With the rise in sextech start-ups, conversations may shift to focus on forward-thinking, tech-savvy solutions to pleasure.

Types of Sex Toys to Sell Online

woman's hand touching grapefruit - how to sell sex toys from home

The sex toys you can sell online typically fall into one of two categories.

  1. Pleasure Point Stimulation – This category includes vibrators, pulsators, dildos, butt plugs, anal beads, penis rings, various massagers, and other products intended for penetration and/or genital stimulation.
  2. Experience Enhancement – This category includes costumes, clamps, gags, handcuffs, paddles, ticklers, and other products not directly stimulating the body.

Also, you can sell a wide range of accessories alongside sex toys. This includes lubrication, massage oils, condoms, and toy cleaners.


How to Build a Website for Your Adult Sex Toy Business

eggplant on silk sheets - sell sex toys online

Today, you can build a website and sell sex toys from the comfort of your home. However, there are a few real-world tasks you must check off alongside the launch of your website. You’ll want to register your business with the proper federal, state, and local entities, as well as register for state taxes. There’s also a long list of applications you’ll need to complete, including those for an EIN, business license, and necessary permits.

As for launching the website, the first step is registering a domain name. You might consider doing this in tandem with some of the tasks listed above to ensure your domain name and official business name match.

After registering a domain name, you’ll design the website. The website’s design should optimize conversion rates, with the ultimate goal of generating sales. If you’re unfamiliar with website design, you can outsource this step.

Finally, to execute online sales, you will need an adult merchant account.

Media buys on adult forums

A media buy refers to the purchasing of advertising from a media company like a newspaper, magazine, blog, website, or television network. There’s the big fish, like a commercial during the Super Bowl, the cost of which is estimated to be one million dollars for five seconds. Instead, smaller, more targeted buys will be in your business’ price range and reach a more specific audience. In particular, adult forums are an excellent place to purchase media buys.

Finest sex doll for Customers

hand holding cucumber - sell adult toy

Some customers specifically buy sex toys online, as opposed to at brick-and-mortar shops, because it offers additional privacy. For this reason, most online sex toy retailers ship their products in nondescript, traditional shipping boxes. Some retailers even opt to ensure their brand name doesn’t appear on the shipping box or credit card statements whatsoever.

This concern for privacy can extend to back-end operations. In particular, you should disclose if and how you’re sharing customer data with third parties by creating a privacy policy. Furthermore, granting customers requests that their data be deleted is a practice many sex toy merchants follow. Because of the intimate nature of your product, it’s especially important to ensure safe online shopping for your current and potential customers.

The ensuring of customers’ safety while using your products begins during the production phase, as it’s imperative your manufacturer follow safety regulations. The product should be packaged with proper directions to ensure the safe product is used in a safe manner. Furthermore, your website can include disclaimers, FAQs, and instructional videos to educate customers about how to use your products safely and effectively.

Secure High-Risk Adult Merchant Account

Because the adult industry is more vulnerable to fraud and chargebacks, it’s considered high-risk by banks and payment processing companies. This can make obtaining merchant services a frustrating process, from dealing with unnecessary fees to being denied service altogether. To process credit cards and online transactions so you can be properly compensated for providing your sex toy products, you’ll need to find a payment processor that supports selling adult products and services.

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