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10 ideas for decorating with realistic sex dolls

One of the most commendable developments in the sex doll world is the ability to customize your favorite choice to match your specific sexual desires. Tailor-making your order adds a personal touch, fostering a sense of pride in your purchase.

While it’s all too easy to focus on the “sex” part of “sex doll” at the end of the day we shouldn’t forget that sex dolls are still dolls. Dolls have long been one of the most popular and enduring kinds of toys in the market, and that’s quite simply because a lot of people genuinely enjoy dressing up dolls and coming up with new outfits.

If you have any kind of interest in fashion then a sex doll can be more than bedroom company, and instead, it can become the next model in your fashion show. If your sex doll is a regular height model you can simply pick up clothing from any women’s aisle or retailer, and you’ll have access to any possible attire and look you could ask for. Coming up with new ensembles and coordinated looks will be much easier when your model is a stunning 10 who doesn’t complain about any clothing choice. Those of you with an inner fashionista will love a sex doll because they are one of the best ways to enjoy fashion on a doll, being the right size for real clothes and far more versatile than a mannequin.

If fashion hasn’t been a consideration for you then keep in mind that any look you can come up with it is ultimately for you to enjoy. Just like how a woman’s look changes considerably by her choice in dress, a doll can completely change appearances and reinterest you if you go for a brand new attire. So dress-up is an alternative use for dolls that also has benefits in the bedroom, and that’s a double win.

Right now we are probably living in one of the best eras for artistic endeavors. Do you love photography? Well, we all now carry high-end cameras in our pockets at all times. Want to try painting or sculpting? There’s no shortage of online classes and tutorials and supplies are more abundant than ever. So if you have ever thought of picking up a more artistic hobby there’s no time like the present.

But what does this have to do with sex dolls in specific? Simple, a sex doll can cover one of the few things that are still scarce in the modern world of art: A willing model. If you are interested in painting portraits a sex doll can be a perfectly still model for all of them. Want to try sculpting? You won’t find anything more lifelike to base your work on than your doll. And if you are a fan of human photography a sex doll is a model that is willing to participate in any shot and at any hour.

Being able to count on a model at any time of the day is huge, and is something most artists don’t count on. So if you are still wondering what to do with a sex doll why not make it your next muse? Who knows, it might spark the creativity you need to either step up your game or discover a completely new passion.

Beyond picking the right skin tone, breast size, and vagina type, dressing your sex doll is just as important. It gives your new partner a personality, something to identify with. And just like humans, you can dress your sex doll differently, depending on the ‘occasion’ or your mood for the day. After all, variety is the spice of life. Right?


The reasons why people are drawn to sex dolls are varied. Some individuals seek companionship and emotional connection, and for various reasons, such as personal circumstances or social challenges, they may find it difficult to form traditional relationships. Sex dolls can provide a sense of companionship and intimacy, offering a source of comfort and solace. For some, sex dolls serve as a means of sexual gratification and fulfillment. They can cater to specific sexual fantasies and desires, providing a safe and private outlet for sexual expression.

People may be attracted to sex dolls as a way to experience physical intimacy without the complexities and challenges associated with human relationships. This can be particularly relevant for individuals who have experienced trauma or have specific physical or emotional constraints. Some individuals appreciate sex dolls from an artistic or collector’s perspective. They may value the craftsmanship, lifelike features, and customization options offered by high-quality sex dolls.

This article will shed light on the best tips for dressing your love doll, including sex doll owner accounts from forums and social media.

1.     Know Your Sex Doll’s Measurements

You don’t fancy taking your new sex doll shopping. Do you? A vital tip to help you buy the right clothes for your doll is to have the dimensions with you. Luckily, the vendors put the measurements on the packaging. Likewise, you can use a tape measure to get the correct numbers once the love doll is delivered.

I recommend getting clothes that fit the doll impeccably or a smaller size for the perfect fit. And especially if you have a BBW model, a tight skirt or blouse will bring out the best in her. Everything from the huge-ass to the massive breasts and poky nipples looks better in tight clothing.

You might have to get custom-made clothing, especially if your sex doll has distinct features like a huge ass or breasts. I’ve also seen love doll owners buy small, hand-held sewing machines to make the adjustments more easily.

2.     Buy Different Clothes

As stressed before, variety is the spice of life. So, as you’d do with a human partner, get your sex doll multiple clothes so you can have options when dressing her. After all, who wants to be stuck with the same two outfits?

Most importantly, buy your sex doll clothes inspired by your fantasies. Would you like to bang a nurse? What about a college student? There are numerous inspirations, including police, teachers, and nurses.

3.     Go All the Distance

Don’t be afraid to flex your style. Get your new sex doll a mix of everything, and don’t be limited. You can even get a wedding gown and exchange the vows . The gigantic beast’s wedding plans had been repeatedly delayed after the COVID outbreak, but the pair finally tied the knot in 2020.

Besides the gown, Yuri, who usually documents her love life on Instagram, shared pictures of her sex dolls on the beach, in the house, and on other expeditions. And the best part about it is Yuri has a dress ready for her sex doll wide for every occasion – it’s incredible.

4.     Don’t Be Too Proud to Ask

Like everything else in life, there’s no shame in seeking inspiration when picking clothes for your sex doll. Don’t be shy to browse for sex doll pictures on the internet or social media. People are out here exploring and experimenting with new looks; picking inspiration on the web wouldn’t hurt. Would it?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team with any question that you might have.


5. Buy a wig for a full-body sex doll

The head is the best part of human beings. When you have your own TPE love doll , you need to make the head of the love doll more attractive. By changing her hair, you can completely change her appearance. Make her more bold and sexy.

Consider getting two or three unique wigs at once. The wig makes her look different. When you dress her as a national beautiful woman, you may need to choose blonde or red hair, and when you need attachment or a strict and unbelievable look, the dim hair of a sex doll is the most logical choice. In any case, getting two or three unique hair colors and styles is a good choice.

6. Make it an anime love doll

Use cool decorations to imitate your favorite movie or computer game characters. Japanese anime and manga cosplay costumes can be seen everywhere on the Internet. Leggings are a special idea because they have a lot to do with not worrying about baby legs. Also, make sure you have a real doll shop to ensure that your sex doll is always safe.

Even if you find a love doll that is beautiful and sexy, make sure it is the key to your happiness. This is a guess. I don’t care about the shade and styling of the hair, so don’t waste cash to get it and never use it again. Let us do something good.

7. Buy beautiful clothes for life-size sex dolls

Most of the love dolls on the website are women’s S code, so don’t be too big. Underwear, provocative costumes, cosplay, there are millions of decisions waiting for you. When you have sex with a beautiful love doll, you need to know that the doll is wearing the correct underwear. Give your doll the best clothes for you to enjoy.

It is suitable for any clothing store, but if you need to dig deeper, you can find a very cool store of interest. Remember, this is your doll, you can change her as needed. Don’t restrain. Please be careful when buying clothes that are still dirty. The silicone doll wig is easy to clean and clean.

8. Creating a Complete Wardrobe for Your Sex Doll: Must-Have Outfits

Are you ready to dress up your sex doll and take your playtime to the next level? A complete wardrobe is a perfect way to keep things exciting and explore all of your fantasies.

From sexy lingerie to daring costumes, your sex doll is ready to strut her stuff in the hottest outfits. Get ready to dive into the world of doll fashion and discover the must-have outfits for your playtime pleasure. Let’s get started!

9. Elegant and Classy: Dressing Your Doll for a Romantic Dinner Date

Are you planning a romantic dinner date with your doll? Then you should pick an elegant and classy outfit to make your beauty look sophisticated and put-together without sacrificing sex appeal. Whether you prefer a sleek and form-fitting style or a flowing and feminine silhouette, a simple and chic dress is always a win-win choice.

When selecting a dress for your doll, consider both the occasion and venue. A sleek black dress is a well-preferred classic choice for a fancy dinner, while a bold jewel tone or floral print can add some personality and charm. Pair the dress with some simple yet elegant jewelry, like a delicate necklace or stud earrings, to complete the look.

When it comes to shoes, a pair of elegant pumps or strappy heels can add some height and sophistication to your doll’s look. And don’t forget about a clutch or small handbag to hold all her essentials. Believe us, with this guide, your doll will look more than impressive!

10. Roleplay and Fantasy: Outfit Ideas for Exploring Your Deepest Desires

Roleplay and fantasy outfits are always great choices. Want to make your sex doll look even more sexy and seductive? Then choose this look.

Whether you’re into a particular kink or just want to try something new and exciting, there are endless options to choose from. Here are a few mind-blowing ideas to get you started:

  • Schoolgirl: A classic roleplay outfit – the schoolgirl look can be both innocent and seductive. A plaid skirt, white button-down shirt, knee-high socks, and Mary Jane shoes are the perfect ensemble for this roleplay scenario.
  • Dominatrix: For those who enjoy a bit of BDSM play, a dominatrix outfit can add some power and control to the experience. A black leather corset, thigh-high boots, and a whip or riding crop can set the mood for a kinky and exciting encounter.
  • Mermaid: For a fantasy-inspired outfit, try dressing your doll as a mermaid. A sparkling sequin tail, seashell bra, and flowing blue or green hair can create a magical and alluring look.
  • Naughty Nurse: Dress your doll as a sexy nurse to fulfill your medical fantasy. A short, form-fitting white dress, white stockings, and red high heels are a classic look. Add a stethoscope, nurse’s cap, and syringe for some extra props.
  • Sexy Cop: Pick the role of a tough and seductive cop with a black leather outfit, complete with a badge and handcuffs. A short skirt or shorts, fishnet stockings, and high-heeled boots can add some extra sex appeal.

In conclusion, dressing your sex doll can be a fun and exciting way to explore your deepest desires and indulge in your fantasies. By selecting the right outfits, accessories, and makeup, you can create a sultry and seductive look that will bring your sexual experience to a new level.

Whether you prefer classic lingerie, elegant dresses, or sexy cosplay outfits, there are plenty of options to choose from to fit your doll’s personality and your own unique style.

If you’re looking for the highest-quality sex dolls on the market, GREATSSS is the perfect online shop for you!

With the widest selection of dolls, you can easily find your perfect match and take your playtime to the next level. So, don’t hesitate to explore our collection and unleash your fantasies today!

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