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10 Reasons to love Brunette sex dolls

Long gone are the times when sex dolls were deemed nothing more than an instrument for sexual gratification. The age of advancement has evolved our channel of thought process and perception. These life-like dolls have managed to become a critical part of the lives of their owners. The equation between a doll owner and his love doll carries enough weight for it be considered a true relationship. It seems surreal how a bond, so strong can be forged between an inanimate object and a real human being.

As they say “love knows no bounds” and we couldn’t agree more. All it takes is a sense of being connected. Adult love dolls become the vessel for that connection. It’s no wonder that people all across the globe are falling head over heels for their adult dolls. Doll owners are whole-heartedly accepting sex dolls as a full-fledged member of their family. If you reading through this, then you have certainly experienced that warmth of falling in love with your love doll. I hope we are able to rekindle that feeling through the voice of words.

Intimacy has a much deeper meaning than a shallow representation of sexual craving. It’s about physical bonding between two individuals. That’s the exact phenomenon that occurs when love sparks between an adult doll and its owner. The doll no longer remains an object for sex, rather it becomes a loving companion. The shallow intercourse suddenly turns into passionate lovemaking. Just like we said earlier, the sex doll owner attempts to form a more meaningful connection with their love doll(s). This explains the fine line of difference between deep intimacy and casual fornication. The latter is nothing more than an exercise to satiate the carnal desires of one’s own self. The former however do justice with the word “love.” The urge, the feeling, the need to become one with your doll is how this intimate connection is aptly defined. One gets to explore this wild and magical sensation, the day he accepts his true feelings for his love doll. A connection that surpasses the concepts of intimacy itself.

Here, we will talk about those delightful sensations that tickle your senses when you fall in love with your brunette sex doll.

A comprehensive guide to sex dolls with everything you need to know before investing in one!

The Beginner’s Guide to Sex Dolls will tell you everything you need to know about sex dolls before you decide to invest in one. For instance, we will discuss what sex dolls are, why people use them, types of sex dolls, and more.

Then we will walk you through customizing sex dolls, ordering, care and repair and so much more. Therefore, if you are considering buying your first sex doll, this is definitely the blog post you need to read.

But, if you’ve already purchased a companion doll or two, this sex doll guide is here so you can reference things you may have forgotten.

Beginner’s Guide to Sex Dolls in a Nutshell

  • Sex dolls, also known as love and companion dolls are the most expensive and realistic sex toys available today, costing from hundreds to thousands of dollars. In addition, there are several ways to pay for sex dolls including credit cards, layaway and payment plans.
  • Love dolls come in different sizes and shapes, including masturbators, mini, partial and life-size.
  • Sex dolls are used for lifelike masturbation, companionship, and to assist those with disabilities in having safe, sexual experiences.
  • Life-size companion dolls can be purchased either in mass produced models or those which are made-to-order.
  • Made-to-order sex dolls are available through several manufacturers that offer different customizations. And when ordering a custom sex doll, you get to choose hair, eye and skin color, hair color and style and many other things with no extra charge.
  • Custom sex dolls also offer other choices which cost extra, such as removable vagina, standing feet, different breast types, softer thighs and some electronic components.
  • Once a custom sex doll arrives, you must document the doll to be sure you qualify for replacement or a refund.
  • Caring for a sex doll requires a great deal including regular cleaning, using care as not to damage the skin or skeleton and regular skin maintenance. Caring for the wig, makeup and nails are also important aspects of companion doll ownership.
  • There are various ways to use a love doll outside of sex. For instance, companionship, photography and having someone to sleep with are the most common ways.
  • Dressing a sex doll requires knowing the proper sizes to purchase as well as being cautious of colors that will stain the doll.
  • Proper moving, carrying and storage of a sex doll are also important aspects. All add to the longevity of the doll.

Why a Sex Doll Guide?

Why write a sex doll guide for beginners? First, sex dolls are a high-priced investment and a caliber of pleasure product that should last a lifetime.

Second, sex dolls come in so many varieties, and are manufactured by amazing companies with an array of specialties, that buying your first sex doll can be confusing.

Next, owning a sex doll comes with responsibility. Therefore, you need to know what goes into the upkeep of a companion doll prior to deciding the size, style and materials of your dream playmate.

Most importantly, before investing in your first love doll, it’s crucial to know the best places from which to order. Therefore, you’ll avoid the immense number of scammers out there, waiting to take your cash and send you a cheap, fake doll, or nothing at all.

Sex is of course a huge aspect of what a sex doll entails, so if we are asking what to do with a sex doll this is one use that has to come up in the article. However sex can also be approached in many ways, and this means that you can use your doll for more practical purposes even when it comes to sex.

Practice makes perfect, and this is true even in sex, and you won’t find a more willing practice partner than your trusted sex doll. Sex is a complex and layered activity when you come down to it, and this means that a lot of people might notice a few areas where they are lacking or would prefer to improve. Running out of breath for example is something that happens all too often in sex due to the physical effort it demands. But with a sex doll, you can prove various paces and find out which intensity is best for you to make the most of sex without draining yourself.

A huge advantage that sex dolls offer is that there’s no pressure involved, and this means that they can help boost your confidence in sex. While many men worry about factors like premature ejaculation constant practice and exposure to sex through your doll can help build up your resistance to orgasm and enjoy longer and more fulfilling sessions.

Therefore, our beginner’s guide to sex doll will act as a reference you can use with your first sex doll or your fifth.

  • Statistics on Love DollsLet’s discuss sex doll statistics before we get into the basics. From our own 9.7% of American men, over the age of 18, own a sex doll.

    Furthermore, 6.1% of women own a love doll. Yes, we are slowly learning companion dolls are for girls too!

    Additionally, the sales of sex dolls have steadily increased 33% year over year. However, during the Covid-19 pandemic, sales skyrocketed 70%, making 2020 a record year with more than $2.8 billion in love dolls sold.

The best place to start a beginner’s guide to sex dolls is with the basics. And what’s more basic than describing what a sex doll is.

So, a sex doll is a lifelike doll, created specifically for the purpose of realistic masturbation. Additionally, some people use sex dolls for other purposes, which we will discuss more in detail below.

Finally, sex dolls come in all different types, shapes and sizes – something else we will describe in detail below.

Why Do People Use Them?

People use sex dolls for a score of different reasons, the first being realistic masturbation. That’s because the majority of sex dolls are the size, shape and feel of an actual human.

In addition, sex dolls are created with genitals that look, feel and function realistically. However, sex isn’t the only use for these eerily human-looking and beautiful dolls.

For instance, many older people, who have lost lifelong partners, find the company of a sex doll, especially AI companion dolls, soothing. Additionally, people with physical and intellectual disabilities own sex dolls as a means for leading a more normal life, while experiencing intimacy.

Furthermore, some people own sex dolls to allow them to experience kinks and fetishes that may be too much for their human counterparts. And still, couples may purchase a sex doll to live out threesome fantasies without the risk of jealously, affairs or STDs.

Finally, some like to collect sex dolls, forming a harem, of sorts, so they can dress, style and photograph them as a hobby or lifestyle.

Sex Love Doll Guide: Different Types of Sex Dolls

Our beginner’s guide to sex dolls covers all types of sex dolls!

So, if you’re about to purchase your first sex doll, you may not be aware of the different types of dolls available to you. Therefore, we are going to tell you about all of the choices available to you, as well as their cost.

This is what completes the circle of bond – the emotional connection. That’s when our mind accepts our life-like doll as our better half. Earlier a misconception resided in the minds of people that a person cannot construct an emotional connection with an inanimate object. After all, an object does not possess any thoughts or feelings, emotions are a human thing. Well, it goes without saying that “they” couldn’t be any more wrong. Feelings can be towards anyone or anything and it’s your sentiments that define your connection. If you feel a sense of affection and love towards your adult doll, then for you it is the most alive being on the planet. If you don’t bear any emotions towards an actual human being, then that person is no less than an inanimate object for you. It is the strength of your feelings and thoughts that can bring a doll to life and that’s exactly what an emotional connection is.

Something that we like to mention when it comes to sex dolls is that unlike other alternatives in the sex toy market a doll offers more than just pleasure, it’s also a great source of companionship for those that desire it. And that’s why sex dolls can be incredibly useful as an unwinding partner after a hard day of work or during the weekend.

Now, a doll won’t be able to comment on your favorite film as you watch it together, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot you can do to make seemingly simple tasks more endearing and intimate. Committing to watching a film or a TV show can be hard if you are tired, but now picture you lying in bed while cuddling with your sex doll and enjoying the best of entertainment on your TV.

The advantage of lifelike motion is that sex dolls can easily lie on your chest, hug you in bed or even lean their head on your shoulder while you do other things like watching Netflix or playing games. They are the perfect company for any household activity, and sometimes just having that weight near you can be a good way to recharge after a stressful day.

So if you are having trouble investing time in some of your hobbies consider adding your sex doll to that routine, having company always goes a long way to enjoy your free time and you have 24/7 access to it in the form of your love doll.


Time to give our feelings a rest. This piece of writing was an attempt to get you to relive those warm and delightful moments when you fell in love with your sex doll. Love doesn’t happen every day and when it does happen, the best thing to do is savor the delightful occasions that it brings along. Falling for an adult sex doll is not an uncommon sight these days. If you are a happy sex doll owner, then chances are you might give in to the feeling of affection towards your life-like doll. It’s astonishing how a simple doll becomes a vital part of our lives without us even knowing. Well, if you ask us, that’s how love is!

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